It’s 2015 and, frankly, we demand Hoverboards. After all when Marty McFly was whizzing around on his gravity defying board in Back to the Future 2 he was doing so, we were reliably informed, in 2015 and yet, here we still are, stubbornly earth bound and static. Or maybe not. Whilst there has been a prototype of an actual, gravity defying hoverboard produced, that’s not what we’re talking about here. After all, the prototype in question is powered by a combination of liquid nitrogen fuel and superconductors, and only works when hovering over a metal surface. It’s not, in short, something which you’re likely to be riding to and from work any time in a hurry. No, the hoverboard we’re talking about here may not actually hover but its ease of use, convenience and, to use a technical expression, sheer coolness, makes it a certainty to be the transportation craze of the next few years.

Imagine a smaller Segway, but without the handle and you’ve got some idea of what this e-board looks like. The key to its appeal lies not just in how good it looks, however, but also in its ease of use. After 10 minutes you’ll have mastered it and after 20 you’ll be riding it like it’s an extension of your body, and that’s because in many ways, once you’re standing on it, that’s exactly what it is. Propelling and steering the e-board could hardly be simpler. Once you’re standing on the board (and don’t worry, everyone is at least a little bit wobbly the first time), you simply have to lean your weight forward on your feet to move forward, and back to move backwards. When you want to turn right, you put your weight on your right foot, and your left toot when you want to turn left. And that’s it. In case you’re wondering, this is one of those occasions when something which sounds too good to be true actually is that good. This purely instinctive method of controlling the board means that before long you’re mastering the kind of  sweeping curves and tight manoeuvres which (be honest about it) always eluded you when you were using a skateboard. If you want proof of the range of moves you can pull off when riding a e-board then just take a  look at this:

Not only pulling off the incredible trick of making Justin Beiber seem cool, but also showing that, with practice, it’s possible to get around on a e-board as smoothly and sweetly as on your own two feet.

The e-board is much more than a novelty item, toy or piece of sporting equipment, however. The life of the rechargeable battery and the relatively lightweight nature of the board itself make it a genuine urban travel option, offering affordable and convenient transportation capable of outpacing both gridlocked roads and overcrowded trains and buses.  What’s more, while you’re coasting serenely on your way to work, college or a night out, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your mode of transportation, as well as being quite a deal of fun and working out (mildly) the muscles in your legs, is supremely eco-friendly.

The boards come in a wide range of styles and colour schemes, making them a fashion accessory as well as everything else. Take our word for it, you’re going to be seeing plenty of celebrities, sports stars and other assorted hipsters wheeling past on e-boards before too long, so you may as well take the plunge and get in on the act right now.