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  • Step on Board the Next Big Personal Transport Craze

    By Mr Gadget Posted / Oct 07, 2015 / 0 Comment

    It’s 2015 and, frankly, we demand Hoverboards. After all when Marty McFly was whizzing around on his gravity defying board in Back to the Future 2 he was doing so, we were reliably informed, in 2015 and yet, here we still are, stubbornly earth bound and static. Or maybe not. Whilst there has been a prototype of an actual, gravity defying hoverboard produced, that’s not what we’re talking about here. After all, the prototype in question is powered by a combination of liquid nitrogen fuel and superconductors, and only works when hovering over a metal surface. It’s not, in short, something which you’re likely to be riding to and from work any time in a hurry. No, the hoverboard we’re talking about here may not actually hover but its ease of use, convenience and, to use a technical expression, sheer coolness, makes it a certainty to be the transportation craze of the next few years.

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